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Paladin Airport Products

Paladin Airport Products has never met a runway challenge too sloppy, heavy or difficult to clean or maintain. Our reputation stands by that. Most airport operations professionals know our Sweepster Aviation high-speed sweepers and snow removal equipment that have solved the runway cleaning needs of airports throughout the world for more than 40 years. That’s our specialty, but just a piece of our high-quality product offering. We can also provide the entire equipment solutions package for airports by tapping into the engineering expertise and product lines of our other Paladin brands, including JRB, FFC and Sweepster.

Our Complete Equipment Offering

  • Snow and FOD Removal
  • Collector Sweepers
  • High-Volume Brooms
  • Snow Blades, Pushers and Blowers
  • Buckets
  • Other Specialty Maintenance Attachments
  • Replacement Brushes and Parts

Serving More Than 700 Airports Globally

From the largest airports worldwide to the single plane runways, FBOs and MROs, our dedicated airport equipment experts have the knowledge and broad product line to solve your cleaning, construction and specialty challenges. To date, we are serving more than 700 airports and runways worldwide with thousands of our performance-driven units and supporting them with an extensive dealer network of airport experts throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

An innovative company, Paladin Airport Products:

  • Pioneered front-mounted truck sweepers
  • Was the first to manufacture hydrostatic brush and blower drives
  • Is the largest rotary sweeper manufacturer in the world
  • Provides product mounting for all major truck manufacturers
  • Has a solution or can customize one for your current equipment today